Uniting our city with
Practical acts of LOVE.

Motivated by our belief that every person deserves to live with dignity.

We started in 2014, as a small group of friends looking for ways to improve the situation for marginalized and disenfranchised people in Kingston, Ontario.

Today, we have hired our first employee and now have two delivery vehicles on the road each day.  We are powered by more than 160 volunteers stretching from Trenton, Belleville, Kingston, Gananoque, Cornwall and Ottawa who make everything happen.  We are approached almost daily with more needs…  We are growing!

The cornerstone of our operation is to collect donations of food and clothing from very generous businesses who partner with us to reinforce local organizations who work on the front-lines with the disenfranchised citizens of our cities.

Poverty knows no social boundaries.  These organizations serve every demographic including senior citizens, families, single parents, children and people living with mental illness.  We all need support at some point in our lives and some of us have greater challenges to overcome.

We connect those who want to help with those who know how to do it.

Some of the statistics:  In 2015, we were able to collect and redirect a total of 68,700 pounds of high quality fruit and vegetables with a market value of $447,200.  This allowed the front-line organizations to reallocate much needed budget to other urgent needs.  Every year we have witnessed exponential growth in giving from our Partners.  In 2019, we’re on target to collect $2.1 million dollars of nutritious food for distribution.

We don’t believe in waste.  After sorting and removing inedible produce we ensure these gleanings are picked up by local farmers to be used as feed for their animals.

What’s more, we remain fiscally responsible.  In 2018, a $10 monthly donation converted to $2,520 being directed back into the budgets of local charities and organizations.

In 2019, we are set to exceed $2.1 million dollars worth of food and clothing redirected to the agencies we serve.

Make a Donation. Make a Difference.


Your monthly donation of $10 converts to $2,520
of nutritious food and warm clothing for people who need it.

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