Embassy Live Music Cafe


Every Saturday Night at 8 p.m. people from all walks of life gather at Vanier Community Church / Capital City Biker Church 155 Carillon Street, Vanier, Ontario for Food, Friendship, and Freedom. We foster an inclusive environment centered on an intimate stage connecting you with our live performers each week.

The Embassy Live Music Café is special because everyone can join us without discrimination.

Our Lionhearts Inc. team provides complimentary tickets to the local agencies we deliver food and clothing to. They then give those tickets to their clients who may otherwise not be able to afford them.

When people arrive at The Embassy Live Music Café there’s no difference between those who can pay and those who couldn’t pay. There’s only great food, great entertainment, and a sense of community that can’t be found at any other live music venue around.

There’s nothing else like it!

Check out our Event Listings, follow us on Facebook and make sure you join us next Saturday night!

Make a Donation. Make a Difference.


Your monthly donation of $10 converts to $2,520
of nutritious food and warm clothing for people who need it.